Friday, March 20, 2009

Single Reviews 23/03/09

Hello. Here are some nice Single Reviews for you. It’s looking rather likely that we’ll be updating things a tad more regularly now, given that we’re back from our travels. And also because the new Facebook layout puts us right off the site, allowing us more time to blog ourselves stupid. Seriously, Facebook people, you’re not Twitter. Sort it out. Incidentally, coming soon – The Sloppy Dog on Twitter. Yikes.

We kick things off with a duet from the somewhat odd pairing of Enrique Iglesias & Ciara. We’ll brush past the awkward moment where they sing each other’s names, to find that Takin’ Back My Love is thankfully considerably closer to Enrique’s duet with Kelis than the train wreck with Whitney Houston, taking the form of a worryingly catchy Euro-thumper with a sizeable helping of cheese.

Next up, Single of the Week is bestowed upon the taut, anthemic frostiness of Farewell To The Fairground, the career pinnacle thus far of White Lies. Ordinarily, we’d be a tad suspicious of a band with so many Bowmanesque bandwagon cocksuckers in their wake, but the mighty riffage and towering vocals soon break through and promptly annihilate any potential stigma.

The novelty drag nightmare that is Lady GaGa wheels out another offering from her dress-up box of oafish electro, although Poker Face is in fact quite an accomplished and pleasing effort. And it’s mercifully less shit than Just Dance, whose inexplicable popularity has made it one of the most overplayed songs of the year, so it’s safe to say overkill will probably dilute any positives Poker Face has to offer.

And on the subject of overkill, we come to this week’s final release, courtesy of The Noisettes. While you may not think you’ve heard Don’t Upset The Rhythm, its appearance on the Mazda ads mean it’s already slap-bang in the middle of your consciousness. It’s fun, inventive, raw and memorable – classic Noisettes – but when you’re effectively sick to the back teeth of a song well ahead of its release, it’s time to worry.

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