Friday, December 05, 2008

Single Reviews 08/12/08

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, where you’ll once again have to accept our apologies regarding the lack of updates over the last seven days. This time it was a two minutes’ silence in memory of the dearly-departed Ruth "Proper Fucking Amazing" Lorenzo, who was inexplicably ejected from the increasingly stupefying X Factor (a two minutes’ silence that lasted a whole week – THAT’s how good she was. Or how lazy and opportunistic we were).

On the subject of The X Factor, the show’s most prevalent daughter returns with another gargantuan dose of her enchanting personality (excuse us while we choke on our own sarcasm). Her take on Snow Patrol’s Run actually proved exceptional in its raw, sincere Live Lounge origins, but the dead-eyed, overpolished studio version is about as exciting as the woman herself.

Kings of Leon scoop their second Single of the Week in a row – not bad work for a band we’ve openly and excessively groused about in the past. Although they’ll be hard pushed to match – let alone top – the majestic Sex On Fire, the winning amalgam of temperate melodies and soaring riffs on display in Use Somebody finally justifies the hype that’s surrounded them since day dot.

Finally, after the stinking pile of musical offensiveness offered up as their last single, it’s a relief to see that Boyzone are back making forgettable, drippy ballads that no-one with half a brain is likely to give two shits about. Perhaps that’s why the video for Better sees Stephen Gately getting all squelchy with a faceless gent in a CONTROVERSIAL!!!! move – hell, they need to do something to grab people’s attention with such a dull, miserable nothingfest of a song.

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