Sunday, January 30, 2011

Single Reviews 31/01/11

Stuck for how to spend that iTunes voucher a whole month after Christmas? Baffled by this clunky new “on air, on sale” concept? Then allow our Single Reviews to guide you, featuring a key example of the latter, as well as two soloists masquerading as bands, and the originators of the renowned catchphrase “foight loike me da as well”. Diverse line-up, huh?

open proceedings this week, with the largely-iffy, brass-flecked nothingfest of Lifeline. For a performer who’s (a) best known for innovative, quirky offerings, and (b) so quick to berate others, it’s surprising that Lifeline sounds like a Toploader B-side that’s been dredged out by a shrewd A&R for a One Direction novelty swing album.

And another returnee from the 90s – albeit a significantly more bizarre one – comes in the form of The Barbarellas, namely 50% of B*Witched. The intense electro-squelch of Body Rock certainly deserves props for attempting something so strikingly different, but there’s no masking the nasally vocals of Edele Lynch.

On the eve of a supposed retirement, The Streets’ final comeback seems fairly poignant. That said, it’s most likely a Lily Allen-style attention-sponge exploit, so don’t get too upset. Going Through Hell sees a more developed, thought-out style from Mike Skinner, plus a select contribution from The Music’s Robert Harvey, all sat atop a crunching riff to great effect.

Single of the Week, perhaps surprisingly, goes to a woman whose launch single put her firmly in the ‘no’ pile. However, Jessie J fully redeems herself with Price Tag, an infectious, mid-tempo portion of genius boasting an appearance from B.oB. and a killer scandichorus. And while the latter may give it a slight identikit feel, there’s personality in abundance, and serves to warrant the colossal hype far better than Do It Like A Dude ever could.

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