Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single Reviews 28/02/11

Hey, are you lot excited? It’s Oscars Night! Yes, a whole load of people we don’t really care about voting for films that are probably far too highbrow for us. And just FYI, if The Social Network wins an award, the entire concept of cinema is a complete farce. If it was called Poke!: The Movie, people would realise how lame an idea it is. But enough tearing strips off films – it’s time to tear strips off music...

We open up with a bright burst of happy-clappy cosiness from Hackney indie-diva-in-waiting, CocknBullKid. Granted, the roundabout optimism and high-pitched happiness of Hold On to Your Misery might be a tad saccharine, almost as though it should soundtrack a Flora ad, but there’s promise of a rather interesting artist at the heart of things.

Postcards From A Young Man, the title track of last year’s triumphant tenth album from the Manic Street Preachers, gets a push as a single, and rightly so. A direct, engaging melody equipped with swathes of sentiment make for one of their greatest releases in years, and a deserving Single of the Week. And we’ll guess that the strings sounding near-identical to those from Melanie C’s Northern Star was a mere coincidence.

Louis Walsh resurrects the ghost of Bellefire in patchwork five-piece Wonderland, PURELY COINCIDENTALLY featuring Jodi out of Girl Thing, Hollyoaks, and Kian Egan’s bed. The beige, country-flecked Not A Love Song cleverly stands out from the spate of attitudey new girlbands, but you wonder who’ll actually part with money for such plain, lacklustre material.

Bob Sinclar employs the distinctive vocal of Sean Paul to add a smidgen of ragga to the diseased house horror of Tik Tok, which almost unbelievably, samples No Limit by 2 Unlimited. One can only assume 2 Unlimited’s noxious reach didn’t make it as far as Jamaica, else Sean Paul wouldn’t put his name to such a grim dishonour of the entire dance genre. Samples aside, it’s pretty much a big ol’ Euro-cacophony that’ll come and go quicker than, well, Wonderland.

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