Thursday, September 01, 2011

Single Reviews 04/09/11

Ah, September. The slippery slope to Christmas begins. Although more recently, The X Factor has sort of functioned as a run-up to Christmas, hasn’t it? Kind of like an 18-week advent calendar, except with Adele songs and clumsy editing in place of chocolate. To ward off thoughts of general Yuletide awfulness, we’re focusing on this week, with a naff Back-to-School selection of Single Reviews...

We begin things with Leona Lewis, and we promise to do our very best to review the song rather than make snarky references to her somewhat torporous personality. MUST RESIST. Collide is the result of a collaboration (translation: theft and ensuing payoff) with DJ Avicii, whose candyfloss trance beats match Lewis’ vocals rather nicely. Particular mention must go to the song’s mesmerizing bridge, which sadly makes way for a big gushy holler of a chorus, but overall it’s passable enough.

While worldwide press, radio and TV burble romantically about their every riff, we’ve always held a more take-or-leave-‘em approach to Foo Fighters. For instance: Breakout, Low, Learn To Fly = ace. Best of You, Times Like These, The Pretender = shut up and go away. However, in Arlandria, they’ve crafted something that falls safely into the former category. A dark, alluring whisper tempts you in, while the colossal, brilliantly belligerent chorus goes for the full KO. A well-played and well-deserved Single of the Week.

The Saturdays are a crafty bunch. We’d always thought they were decent enough, but in hindsight, the only reason we’ve ever given them the time of day was off the back of one great single (Up). It’s taken us eleven singles into their career for us to finally stop and realise that The Saturdays are actually really rather shit. All Fired Up proves the point – while not as inane and laughable as Notorious, it’s meaningless, personality-deficient Clubland filler that’s just about one step up from the Splendabots.

And finally, the neon guitar-pop of Think About It marks a welcome comeback from Melanie C, her first new material this side of the Spice Girls reunion. Clearly it’s kickstarted her inner popstar, thumping rhythms punctuated with engaging bursts of strummage. Vocally, it’s pure Melanie C – namely, if you love her, it’s perfection; if you don’t, it’s a million nails on a million chalkboards. And for those in the pro camp, it sets up her fifth album as a particularly intriguing prospect.

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