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Single Reviews 06/05/12

Some things you can always rely on, can’t you? Some shitty song by something called Carly Rae Jepsen top of the Singles Chart again; Louis Walsh returning to The X Factor again; the London Mayoral frontrunners a two-man shitshower again. But hey, just as well you have those things to rely on, cos the Single Reviews have been rather intermittent of late. At least we managed it this week...

Opening the reviews this week are Kasabian, with the shadowy, menacing beats of Man of Simple Pleasures, yet another impressive cut from Velociraptor! (curse that naff exclamation mark). Tom Meighan’s vocals really come into their own on comparably mellower numbers such as this, and while it may not be obvious single material, it’s an intriguing new window into a band most people probably thought they knew pretty well.

While the omnipresent dubstep trend has grown beyond tiresome, it’s been given a novel boost in the form of Rita Ora featuring Tinie Tempah, with the ballsy gusto of R.I.P. It doesn’t boast the same frenetic brilliance of Hot Right Now, and it’s hard to even pick out a chorus amongst all the industrial squelch, but the crystalline vocals and brawny attitude are testament to Rita Ora as an artist worth keeping a close eye on.

Carrie Underwood might finally get round to making her mark on this side of the pond with the charismatic, resilient Good Girl. The country twang is hard to conceal, but the overtones of oestrogen rawk and mighty vocals make it a much more appealing prospect – at least to British ears – than previous material. Prepare to see a whole lot of new album Blown Away gracing many a supermarket shelf. Whether it shifts or not is another matter.

Finally, The Subways reinvigorate interest in the now-eight-month-old album Money and Celebrity with the first-single-worthy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You’re ensnared within a couple of bars, the mix of Billy Lunn and Charlotte Cooper’s vocals giving proceedings some extra clout. But it’s the chorus that truly sells Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a forceful and compelling refrain that grants it Single of the Week status.

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