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Single Reviews 08/10/07

Well, what a week here at The Sloppy Dog. Spice Girls tickets! Successfully purchased! A title for the new single! Announced! Half good (Headlines) and half ropey (Friendship Never Ends)! Overuse of exclamation marks! Bit annoying! But! Sort of! Necessary! Hey, look! Single Reviews! Read! Enjoy!

Leading the pack are The Hoosiers, whose debut single Worried About Ray set them up as one of the most promising new bands of 2007. Unfortunately, follow-up Goodbye Mr A feels hugely gimmicky and a whole heap of naff, seemingly treading a path that McFly shrewdly swerved. Nonetheless, there’s no fighting the winning melody, so we’re certainly not writing them off just yet.

It’s impossible to think ‘butchering’ is a term that could be applied to an Aqua cover - seriously, how much worse than the original can you get? Amanda and Sam were the sole redeeming feature of this year’s tragic Big Brother, but enough’s enough. Now going under the brand of Samanda and hocking a vile rendition of Barbie Girl through reinforced Autotune, it makes Nichola Holt’s effort sound like Champagne Supernova.

Sticking with the novelty theme, maddening X Factor jamrag Chico inexplicably gets round to releasing a second album. Who even knew there was a first?! Apparently inspired by (or more aptly, jumping on the back of) the size zero non-debate, Curvy Cola Bottle Body sings (or more aptly, grunts and caterwauls) the praises of a fuller figure with all the panache of a roadside badger pancake. Unforgivably awful, and yet still ten times better than Mika’s parallel lardarse anthem.

Roisin Murphy, equal parts kooky cultural icon and bastion of classic dancefloor eccentricity, pushes her solo career further with Let Me Know. Sadly, it seems she’s the majority of her quirk went absent since the days of Moloko, as we’re left with a straight-down-the-line handbag anthem. Still, it’s hard to actually fault, and you can imagine Sophie Ellis-Bextor noshing every A&R man in the nation to get her mitts on this. For that reason if nothing else, Roisin claims our Single of the Week.

Hot on her heels, mind, are Biffy Clyro, a band who we’ve seen as a support act on approximately 33 different occasions, none of which prompted us to even look up, let alone be won over by. Still, they clearly know how to apply some magic at the studio end, with Machines being a laid-bare, acoustic treasure far surpassing any of their harder efforts.

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