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Single Reviews 22/10/07

Welcome, one and all, to this week’s Single Reviews. We offer our apologies for the lack of Single Reviews last week, but hey, even bloggers need a holiday from time to time. Not that we were on an actual holiday of any kind, but still. Incidentally, if you enjoy our witty observations and brazen bitchery, why not make a donation to the Sloppy Dog Holiday Fund? Something four-figured would be an acceptable start.

The only positive aspect of having the 21st Century’s most ill-selected debut single is that any follow-up is automatically breathtaking by default. Perhaps that’s what makes Bleeding Love appear quite so impressive, although it’ll take more than a mid-tempo ohrwurm with all the right contemporary nods to make Leona Lewis even the slightest bit interesting. Still, it’s good to see Cowell finally making an informed A&R decision. It’s almost as if it’s his job or something…

Any offering from the Melanie C camp will always be well-received here at The Sloppy Dog. It’s just a pity that the buzz surrounding new single This Time couldn’t have been applied to the far-superior Carolyna earlier in the year. Slightly watery in comparison to the less fluffy, far meatier album version, but a demonstration of skilful musicianship nonetheless. Now get your arse in gear, love, and release Understand

Jimmy Eat World go some way to finally matching the splendour of The Middle with the stupendous Big Casino, a US-centric guitar anthem with an inescapable beguiling quality. Rattling riffs and quietly-aching vocals make way for a crashing chorus, raising questions as to how this band never quite broke out. Seriously, did the Foo Fighters nick Jimmy Eat World’s success when they weren’t looking?

Proving that their comeback was more than just a one-album gimmick are Take That, providing the theme tune to Stardust via the mighty uber-ballad of Rule The World. Big strings, soaring vocals, (supposedly) inspirational lyrics… it’s archetypal Take That, and quintessential movie soundtrack. That said, Best Song at the Oscars it sure ain’t. Where do people get these ideas from?

Claiming an inexplicable re-release this week are Ladytron, with the sublime 2005 single Destroy Everything You Touch. For a song that already carries a fair amount of weight, you’ve got to wonder what’s sent it marching back to the shelves, although we’re not complaining. Haunting electro beats partnered with a knockout melody, it’s a deserving recipient of our Single of the Week, even if that week was rightfully two years ago.

Finally, a trumpeting low note in the career of Britney Spears, as if she hasn’t already reached the depths on her hands and knees. Just as (You Drive Me) Crazy, Baby One More Time, Stronger and Oops! I Did It Again were identikit early Britney, it seems the later Britney blueprint is a jumble of pulsating, slithering beats and juddery vocal ‘effects’. Gimme More isn't bad by any means, but no song on God’s green Earth is enough to rescue the career of this train-wreck of a woman. Bless her cotton panties, or lack thereof.

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