Sunday, July 27, 2008

Single Reviews 28/07/08

Well, whaddya know? We’ve actually managed to throw together something resembling a post without the computer going tits-up for the squillionth time in a month. And what perfect timing - with the weather finally pulling its finger out, no-one’s going to be in to read it. Bah! Nevertheless, we present to you this week’s Single Reviews

Much as McFly were the official baton-takers from Busted, and Westlife were the approved Boyzone replacements, it seems Girls Aloud are planning ahead for their departure with the introduction of The Saturdays. We don’t fancy their chances much, truth be told. Tepid, vacuous and all kinds of beige, If This Is Love suggests they have an impossible job ahead if they want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with girl bands that actually put some thought into their material.

The Pigeon Detectives continue to pull a Scouting For Girls, in that they’ve somehow managed to forge an entire catalogue out of just the one tune. Everybody Wants Me is unmistakeably Pigeon Detectives, sure, but unfortunately it’s to the point that you actually consider whether it’s a postmodern spoof of their previous singles. We hereby invite you, Pigeon Detectives, to think OUTSIDE THE FRICKIN’ BOX.

And finally, we come to our Single of the Week. Take a three Irish rock musicians - in this case, The Script - and fling ’em headlong into a skipful of A-list R&B producers including Rodney Jerkins and N*E*R*D. However, rather than the hackneyed blue-eyed soul one might expect from such a collaboration on paper, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved boasts a rare balance of melody and grit, without any indulgent urban cliché detracting from the musicianship. Bring on the album, srsly. Kthxbai.

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