Sunday, August 03, 2008

Single Reviews 04/08/08

Welcome, one and all, to another selection of songs being torn to shreds, more commonly knows as the Single Reviews. Things seem to be rather scarce on the new releases front these days, so you’ll have to pardon the somewhat skimpy length of the article. Mind you, the way we’ve been going lately, we’re lucky to have been able to chuck anything together…

Easing us into the reviews this week are The Music, a band who once threatened us with inescapable Kasabian-style triumph, yet have just about achieved success on a par with Sirens. Oh well. Their brand of intense, pelvic rock clout is very much present in The Spike, yet is simultaneously a step on from the haughtiness of previous material. A vast improvement, all in all.

Second only to the Spice Girls as the most exciting return amidst the recent spate of comebacks, The Verve signal their chart homecoming with Love Is Noise. Whilst the truly grating Laa-Laa style backing vocals detract from the song significantly, there remains enough potent Verve ingenuity to ensure a thumping, bright anthem worthy of the band’s legacy. And, in spite of its Cbeebies associations, we can just about push it to Single of the Week status.

And finally, we’re sad to report that yet another song has been tortured, gutted and worn as a vulgar, gory skin-suit by dancefloor-diluting musical assassins Cascada. Admittedly, we never cared one way or the other about the original version of Because The Night, but such vile, tasteless cover versions one after the other make for some seriously unpleasant listening. Almost as unbearable as the curdling screams it’s likely to induce in anyone who hears it.

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