Thursday, August 21, 2008

Single Reviews 25/08/08

Welcome, one and all, to this week’s Single Reviews, where we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the news that Reverend & The Makers are to split, and Jon McClure is stepping back from the music industry. WOO-HOO!!! Pop open the champagne Lambrini, the charts have just gotten marginally less shit! Now we just need Fightstar, Mika, Katy Perry, the Kaiser Chiefs, Cascada and the Overrated Apes to follow suit…

On the subject of pure shite, the happy-clappy and all-round crappy Alphabeat return with a third explosion of glitter, helium, blood and guts via the truly pathetic Boyfriend. Dated, clichéd, grating and dull, it’s the kind of septic musical faeces you’d expect to find from Scooch, as opposed to an uppity, self-important REAL!! BAND!! who totally WRITE THEIR OWN STUFF!!! We hereby officially add Alphabeat to the above list.

And from that, we go to what could potentially be the greatest song of 2008 so far. Hey, we’re nothing if not diverse. The unspeakably awesome Little Jackie unveil the first gem of what we hope will be a sizeable treasure trove, in the form of the truly outstanding The World Should Revolve Around Me. We did consider whether Imani Coppola bias pushed the song up in our opinion a tad, but a track this original, catchy, fun, attitude-crammed needs no help. Single of the Week, fo’ sho’.

Way back in January, our support of Low by Flo Rida prompted a few head-scratches amongst our loyal readership – a move that we excused by reason of holiday anthem syndrome. That same voyage also gave us See You Again by the All-American tweenage sovereignty that is Miley Cyrus, a song significantly better than literally anyone could’ve anticipated. Whether it’s a true representation of the talent of Miley Cyrus herself is unlikely, but… CHOOOOON! (We’re very, very sorry.)

And sticking roughly with the theme of television darlings assaulting the charts, we come to Hamfatter, a band no-one apart from their mothers would ever care about had they not whored themselves on Dragons’ Den. Fair play to them, mind – they’ve guaranteed themselves financial backing, extensive coverage, and at the root of it, The Girl I Love is actually more than half-decent. And hey, if Peter Jones wants to pump some money into The Sloppy Dog, we wouldn’t say no…

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