Sunday, August 17, 2008

Single Reviews 18/08/08

Before we embark on this week’s Single Reviews, we need to make a slight amendment to a previous week’s reviews. Having been exposed to The Verve’s Love Is Here a tad more than is necessary, we’ve come to develop a near-dislike of it. Seriously, who thought getting Pingu in to do backing vocals was a good idea? We hereby strip them of their Single of the Week title, and hope that the album doesn’t utilise an entire array of Cbeebies stars.

Leading the pack are The Automatic, who claim an easy Single of the Week with the harbinger of their second album. The absence of keyboard loon Penny is evident, as the maturity levels are increased ten fold on Steve McQueen. It certainly doesn’t suffer for it, mind - harder-edged in sound but boasting a taut, memorable tune, it’s hopefully a good indication of what This Is A Fix has to offer.

Gabriella Cilmi is up next, and, in spite of her obvious talent, is doing very little to win us over. Having originally fashioned herself as a Petits Filous Amy Winehouse, it seems the disco soul nothingness of Save The Lies is an attempt to drag her in another direction altogether. Now she’s an anaemic Anastacia - try saying that five times quickly.

And finally, a docile slice of boozy Glaswegian majesty courtesy of The Fratellis - who else? - with the considerably marvellous Look Out Sunshine. A sleepy soft-rock jam in the vein of Whistle For The Choir, yet just diverse enough to underline that the band have progressed rather satisfactorily. Now, let’s have Lupe Brown as the third single, and we’ll say something REALLY nice…

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