Saturday, October 04, 2008

Single Reviews 06/10/08

This week’s Single Reviews are brought to you by a dangerous cocktail of diclofen, co-dydramol, and Lemsip Max Cold & Flu (lemon flavour, we can’t be doing with any of that blackcurrant shit ). So you’ll forgive us if we’re a tad hoarse, sniffly, or do something crazy like forget to actively detest Mika for a second or two.

Ordinarily, we’d be all kinds of cockahoop at the return of the Sugababes - given that previous comeback singles have included About You Now, Freak Like Me and Push The Button, it’s fair to expect pop magnificence. Instead, we get Girls. One wonders whether it would’ve been the shitshower it is had it not been on the Boots ad, but sadly, with the image of mummies bouncing on a lawn-trampoline armed with Soltan burned into our brains, we’ll never know.

And going from bad to worse, the Kaiser Chiefs also make a return this week with the pantomime singalong monstrosity of Never Miss A Beat. Quite aptly titled too, as we’d never miss an opportunity to beat the bejesus out of these contrived tosspots. See what we did there? All things considered, it doesn’t appear to owe too much to the likes of fucking Ruby, but sadly they’re still a vast expanse of diarrhoea away from first-album majesty.

John Legend isn’t ordinarily an artist we’d pay much attention to, but it’s hard to ignore the wonder of Greenlight, thanks largely to a guest appearance by the inimitable Andre 3000. The lingering ivory-bothering takes a back seat to a lively, elasticky techno-bounce and actually provides a far more appealing foundation for Legend’s downy vocals than anything he’s done by himself.

And finally, the Ting Tings surprise us all - and probably even themselves, we’d imagine - with a display of talent previously confined to irritating playground skipping anthems for the digital age. Be The One manages to hook our Single of the Week honour with its memorable chorus, disarming melodies, and most importantly, that it manages both of these things with a distinct lack of patented Ting Tings annoyance. Is this the Lemsip talking?

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