Sunday, October 12, 2008

Single Reviews 13/10/08

So, two days since we semi-launched a half-arsed campaign to gently pollute the insides of the UK’s worst customer, and we’ve not yet had a snarky, clipped email from his solicitor. Go us. Mind you, perhaps our time would’ve been better spent picking up the phone for Bad Lashes (oooh, burn) than spreading hatred. And yet we’ve still found time to do some Single Reviews, you lucky buggers…

The Saturdays start us off with a surprisingly impressive helping of femme-pop goodness. After a shockingly beige debut, Up is frankly the kind of thing the Sugababes should’ve been putting out in place of that Advantage Card monstrosity. Whether they’re interesting enough as a group to go any significant distance remains to be seen, but on the evidence of Up, at least they’ve got the music side right.

Single of the Week is awarded to Snow Patrol, who hopefully are ready with shovels to bury Chasing Cars for good - The X Factor doesn’t just crush dreams, it makes superior songs entirely unlistenable. Thankfully, Take Back The City is the very antithesis of the aforementioned - an energetic, unrefined, hook-packed indie radio mantra, and a welcome reminder of a band who do uptempo just as good as solemn, if not better.

Speaking of The X Factor, last year’s apparent winner Leon Jackson finally opens the velvet drapes on his first material. However, where Leona’s expensive, high-gloss cash machine of a single displayed some rationale for the wait, the colourless tedium of Don’t Call This Love wouldn’t justify a fortnight’s delay. Good luck keeping your eyes open past the two-minute mark, seriously.

And finally, pretend-political Mitcham mongfest M.I.A. unleashes another supposed postmodern rant about something we’ll probably never care about. We could just about get our heads round the idea of a few singles being shifted to pretentious morons who leave vintage copies of The Face on their coffee table to prove some sort of point, but now she’s daring to bother the Top 20?! Fingers crossed Paper Planes is just a one-off fluke…

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