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Single Reviews 09/11/08

We’re squeezing ourselves on board a particularly pleasant bandwagon this week in congratulating Barack Obama on his victory. Oh, and congratulations to Katy Perry and 30 Seconds To Mars on their wins at the Europe Music Awards, which most certainly was NOT a contractual stipulation agreed upon when they signed up as hosts of the show. Thankfully, you can always rely on our Single Reviews for a fair result (well, and the US election, on this occasion)...

Launching us this week is the aptly-titled UFO by Australian electronica purveyors Sneaky Sound System (it’s apt cos, y’know, UFOs launch and stuff. Well, rockets launch, anyway. Oh fuck off). Released on these shores approximately eleventeen years after its initial release Down Under, UFO is indubitably showing its age, but is nonetheless an example of harmless, twiddly demi-house that will hopefully provide some respite from the current downpour of horrific Eurocheese.

One would think a newly-crowned national treasure would mark her much-deserved musical comeback with an anthemic, blow-‘em-out-the-water pop masterpiece. Enter, however, The Boy Does Nothing, which fails on all the above counts for the generally tremendous Alesha Dixon. Sure, it’s brimming with Alesha’s unmistakeable and irresistible personality, yet the Mambo No. 5 similarities, while overblown, are unforgivable. That said, it gets marginally better with each listen, so give us six months and we may eat out words.

New Kids On The Block zimmer their way back to bring us Single, a wholly pointless exercise of clichés, finger-clicks, ill-fitting samples, and deep, pervy whispers in the style of a mac-clad creep lurking outside a branch of Tammy. They’ve inexplicably roped in the tiresome Ne-Yo, whose sole contribution appears to be some sort of mission to show up the main performers entirely. Well, shows he’s good for something...

Single of the Week is awarded to the consistently impressive Duffy, with a gem that nods heavily to Mercy (though thankfully not to the extent it suffers from Scouting For Girls syndrome, i.e. one song, many titles). Aggressive strings and sultry vocals make Rain On Your Parade a powerful, atmospheric anthem that would’ve heavily pwned as the Quantum of Solace theme tune.

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