Friday, January 09, 2009

Single Reviews 12/01/09

It’s 2009! Granted, it was 2009 a week ago, but we’ve been enjoying a post-Christmas lull since then. With any luck, we’ll get off our battycreases and do something a tad more interesting with The Sloppy Dog this year, but we’re not going to make it a full-on resolution, as frankly, we don’t want to disappoint. But hey, the Single Reviews we can deliver...

This week’s – and in fact, this year’s – first single to go under the Sloppy Dog microscope is Dancing Choose, a request to don your near-titular proverbial disco footwear from TV On The Radio. A bumble bee trapped in an air conditioner provides the backing for a disciplined rap diatribe, later making way for a heavy dose of hyperactive jazz blastery. In short, we like.

While it seems fruitless to award Single of the Week to a band constantly on the lips of everyone with half an opinion, Girls Aloud more than warrant it with The Loving Kind, one of approximately three songs on Out of Control worth listening to. Particular props must go to the overdue let-up on the Nadine monopoly, as we finally get to hear the other voices – Sarah in particular – shine brightly. No doubt Coyle will be sodding off back to her candle shop with the ’ump as a result.

After the understandable success of Up, it’s unfortunately a return to the pedestrian beigefest of If This Is Love for The Saturdays. The dreary, mid-Atlantic shuffle-along Issues could have been recorded by any shrug-inducer from Fergie to O-Town, suddenly giving the Sugababes a fighting chance out of the girl group doldrums.

And lastly, Razorlight continue to fail in the ignition of any form of interest in their recent material with the limited edition release Hostage Of Love. In fairness, it’s the best thing they’ve unveiled since Somewhere Else, a simple yet effective strum-and-hum combo busting into a semi-acoustic thumper. But with Borrell’s tiresome customs hogging all focus, they’ll need something outstanding to prick up the nation’s ears. This isn’t it.

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