Friday, January 23, 2009

Single Reviews 26/01/09

Yes, yes, we know. Delays, lack of updates, yadda yadda yadda. However, be assured this is all part of the immense preenfest The Sloppy Dog shall be undertaking in the coming months, so shut your whining. Also, while we’re here – fucking Ulrika Jonsson?! Seriously?!? To think there are people still shocked at the thought of a black US president – surely a washed-up tramp-bag winning Celebrity Big Brother is even less fathomable? Rant over. Single Reviews?

Our opening number comes courtesy of Pink, whose primarily-tepid Funhouse has rather proved itself to be a good little grower. While second single release Sober may not be the pick of the crop, it’s a nice reminder of Pink’s abundant dark side, which frankly required a revisit after the playground chant of So What.

Jordin Sparks temporarily suspends her campaign to be a one-woman Atomic Kitten by instead adopting the role of a female Ne*Yo. The bland R&B stammer of One Step at a Time virtually annuls any opinion you might initially form – good or bad – by its sheer nothingness. Ah well, we’re long over her triumph anyway, it’s all about David Cook these days. Or until Adam Lambert or Lenicia Young nail it, at least.

Single of the Week is bestowed upon the perpetually-brilliant Franz Ferdinand, who continue their admirable refusal to rest on their laurels with the filthy funk of Ulysses. Managing an unlikely mash-up of casual and chaotic, the gritty charms set the anticipation for third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand a couple of notches higher.

Lastly, The Fear marks a comeback and a refreshing change in sound from Lily Allen. The ear for a killer melody is still there, albeit dressed up in a more twiddled milieu. It’s interesting to see that, on the eve of a single release, suddenly the angry blogs, the inter-celebrity skirmish and the paparazzi-courting shots start up again, because on the strength of The Fear, she’s talented enough to succeed without being a tabloid-fellating media scumwhore.

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