Thursday, June 18, 2009

Single Reviews 22/06/09

You’ll have to forgive the lack of Single Reviews recently (for the squillionth time this year) – truth be told, the singles release schedule has all but evaporated since the introduction of downloads, so it’s quite the mission rounding up the wayward offerings by date. There was a time when you could pop into Our Price and see that week’s new 7-inch records all there on a nice display, grumble grumble...

Launching proceedings is a woman who’ll be pleased to hear she’s only the second-blandest Idol champ following the Kris Allen fiasco, Jordin Sparks (though let the record state, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Hicks suck major balls – they’re just not overly bland). The gigantic balladry on show in Battlefield, however, goes some way to making Jordin significantly more interesting as an artist, whilst “betta-go-n-getcher-armour” may well be the best-delivered line of 2009.

Basement Jaxx are next up, with the inescapable anthemy of Raindrops. As with any number of summer house mantras, your ears will have had prolonged exposure before you even know the name of the song. And yet, Raindrops shows no signs of growing old anytime soon, its piquant energy and instantaneous melody helping it to Single of the Week status. NB: we reserve the right to revoke this title once we’re fed up of hearing it.

Perpetual staples of the Radio 1 playlist The Enemy – perhaps not the nicest of labels to give a band, but at least it guarantees them 650-700 plays a week – unveil a second submission from Music For The People, the amiable easiness of Sing When You’re In Love. While not quite boasting the head-turning edge of previous work, it’s a nice nod to the softer side of a band you mightn’t have expected to have one.

The Saturdays continue their undertaking to fill the inevitable hole Girls Aloud are surely soon to leave, although Work takes a trip further across the pond than Girls Aloud ever did (and not because of Cheryl’s conviction). A heavily-American pop stomper, whilst sorely lacking in the impressive vocals of Una Healy, provides their finest offering outside of Up. Now they’ve almost got as many good singles as shit ones...

And finally, as if to prove the point about the utter headfuckery of release schedules, Wonderland heralds the debut album from Brighton-based daydream-merchants The Mummers, and was released several times before we’ve finally gotten round to acknowledging it properly. It’s worth the wait, mind – a modest masterpiece of otherworldly, waltzy magic, which, you lucky sons of bitches, you can download here completely legally, and completely free. Woo-hoo, etc.

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