Friday, June 26, 2009

Single Reviews 29/06/09

We were going to use this little paragraph of nothingness prior to the Single Reviews this week to lay into Perez Hilton, but frankly there are more important matters at hand. Although, what can we say about Michael Jackson that hasn’t already been said? Perhaps that he would’ve wanted you to throw faeces at Perez Hilton, but it’s probably unfair to take advantage of his mourning fans. Shamone, MJ.

First up is Frankmusik, whose premature buzzwagon touted him as some sort of futuristic electro-deity. Epic fail, however – Confusion Girl reveals itself to be a lifeless boyband limerick, not dissimilar to something one might have expected from Big Fun or One True Voice, and aside from its Holly Valance cameo, doesn’t possess a single positive. Here’s hoping it was just a bad day at the studio.

Following the mightily superb Love You Better, we’re treated to yet another delight from the increasing (in volume and in quality) catalogue of The Maccabees. The faintly-military drums and contented, summery strummage of Can You Give It make it another prime example of superior British indie stalwartly standing tall amidst a sea of Lady Roux/La Boots/Little GaGa fly-by-night fuckwittery.

Scumwhores Anonymous – otherwise known as the Pussycat Dolls – give us another covert solo track from in-house megalomaniac Nicole Shitsinger, and this time [cue pause with sinister incidental music] they’ve gone disco. Hush Hush; Hush Hush not only brutally rapes the very idea of semi-colons, but samples I Will Survive, officially one of the worst five songs ever written. It’s music tailor-made to be hated.

And finally, scooping what feels like their 17th Single of the Week in a row, Kings of Leon not only paper over their, shall we say, weaker moments (*cough* The Charmer *cough*) but justly cement themselves as a true force of rock. Notion is vastly melodious, yet simultaneously boasts the inimitable edge as displayed in Sex On Fire that finally won us over. Kings of Leon, 1. The Sloppy Dog, 0. Sometimes being wrong pwns.

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