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Single Reviews 06/07/09

We had planned to pitch our Single Reviews as a Wimbledon-free zone, on account of there being approximately zero media outlets not gushing shamelessly about Andy Murray (incidentally, the most boring creature on the face of God’s green Earth). However, with him now out, we shall take the opportunity to gloat in his defeat and in the general dullness of tennis overall. Now, let us stop slagging off sport and get back to slagging off music...

First up are the reliable yet constantly surprising Franz Ferdinand, with a dimly-lit oddity of intelligence in the form of Can’t Stop Feeling. Filthily squelchy bass and disco beats further indicate the dancefloor-beckoning oeuvre the band have addressed on their third album, and while it may not be on a par with previous stuff, there’s little to find fault with.

We’ve never minced our words about Lady GaGa previously, but the hapless exercise in electro-cliche that is Paparazzi only gives us further cause to spew venom forth. If this were an offering from her second album, fine. But the sheer contrived cheek of a then-unknown whinging about press intrusion only cements what a cheap, disingenuous, manufactured tramp Lady GaGa really is. Is anyone even surprised?

The vigorous indie clout of Tin Man makes Saaf London collective Animal Kingdom well-deserved recipients of Single of the Week. A big, swirling, atmospheric rock gem, there’s a distinct correlation between how high the volume is and how good the song sounds. Mind you, transpose the specifics and the same could be said of Lady GaGa – she sounds fucking awesome with the sound right down.

And only just missing out on the aforementioned title is the magnificent VV Brown, though we’re sure she won’t mind, given that we’ve heard her album and it’s a strong contender for best of 2009. In the meantime, new single Shark In The Water is a lilting indie-pop ditty making way for a marvellously noxious chorus, serving as an ad for both her eclecticism and her utter brilliance.

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