Friday, July 24, 2009

Single Reviews 27/07/09

We’re baa-aack! Go on, admit it – we had you proper worried last week, didn’t we? Alas, twas merely a joke that we’d posted the last Single Reviews ever. You could practically hear the internet sweating with anxiety at the very thought. (Genuinely, one concerned reader did think we were serious. Bless.)

Beyoncé is first under the spotlight this week – though, let’s face it; when is she not in the spotlight? – with the jagged venom-pop of Sweet Dreams. Usually by this point, she’s round to releasing the filler of her albums, so the fact there’s been a wealth of killer singles from I Am... Sasha Fierce suggests it may be her best record to date. Shame its title is so rubbish.

Having already enchanted the world with the brilliantly confusing psychosis of Boom Boom Pow, the generally-quite-shit (but recently scarily good) Black Eyed Peas continue to work their voodoo with I Gotta Feeling. While we can’t ignore the oh-so-wack grammar (not that I Got A Feeling would even be correct), it’s an infectious, Eurothumping beast simultaneously boasting everything we could ever love AND hate about the Black Eyed Peas.

And lastly, we take a ride aboard the Smug Express – the very same Mr Hudson we championed back in 2007 (albeit, when he had a Library attached) is finally on the brink of the success he deserves. Supernova sees him hooking up with Kanye West, and ditching the lovable English gent schtick in favour of a more twiddled, anthemic sound, and it certainly pays off. An easy Single of the Week.

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