Saturday, May 08, 2010

Single Reviews 10/05/10

We had planned to start this week’s Single Reviews with some sort of blurb about how there hadn’t been a definitive result for Single of the Week and make some sort of clumsy parallel to the whole hung Parliament mess, but frankly, we’re fucking sick of the whole thing. Proof that stuffy cunts in suits don’t achieve jack, and that Charlie Brooker should be in charge.

Mini Viva kick things off with the mash-up of atonal rapping and helium shrilling, One Touch. There’s also an arrogance on board which seems to stem from some rancid expectation that they’re due success solely because of their Xenomania link. And while it’s a vast improvement on the ghastly I Wish, there’s no disguising Mini Viva are little more than the Vengaboys minus the cowboy and sailor.

And showing Mini Viva how to pull off punchy, catchy dance-pop is Alexandra Burke. While there’s much clucking across the intarwebz that The Silence would’ve been a better release, All Night Long picks up nicely from where her previous two singles were headed, and a largely irrelevant contribution from Pitbull doesn’t detract from the carefree pop immediacy she’s become so good at.

And lastly, our Single of the Week is awarded to Keane ahead of their Night Train EP release. As the current Ash singles project has shown, a lack of album constraints mixed with a touch of experimentation can create extraordinary results. Stop For A Minute is no exception, employing the talents of Somali rapper K’naan for a remarkable, anthemic, hip-hop-laced treat that bodes incredibly well for the aforementioned EP.

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