Monday, June 28, 2010

Single Reviews 28/06/10

Gutted at England’s (let's face it, inevitable) World Cup defeat? Slowly and uncomfortably melting in the mini-heatwave? Fed up of seeing Andy Murray’s downturned cod-mouth everywhere you look? Then you need a dose of The Sloppy Dog’s brand new formula Single Reviews! Guaranteed to keep you occupied for, oh, 45 seconds. Available without a prescription. Side effects may vary.

It's another case of the Emperor's New Clothes for the shockingly-overrated Lady Gaga, who dissolves the few good points of her career in the bland, uninspired and overall pointless Alejandro. Even its trite, desperate shock-factor video can’t mask the fact it sounds like an Ace of Base album off-cut from 1994. Horrible, horrible stuff.

Meanwhile, it's a pleasing turn of events from Kylie Minogue, who presents us with her most impressive single in an excruciatingly long time. All The Lovers is a warm, delicately-elated pop ditty which provides a reminder of a performer long before she lost her way in a sea of overproduction, pink pound-chasing and Botox. Let’s hope she continues in this vain.

The light-speed noodling, intense crunching and instantaneous chorus of I Can Do That adds yet another gem to the impressive catalogue of The Futureheads. Particular kudos – albeit doused generously in irony – is added for the Keith Harris & Orville interpolation in the song’s closing bars. No, seriously.

Last up, given the untouchable brilliance of the Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen In Love, it's not difficult to be precious about any audacious stabs at covering it. Luckily, The Noisettes breathe new life into the classic, with dark, brooding beats exploding into a fizzing, riff-heavy electro-thumper. A piss-easy selection for our Single of the Week.

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