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Single Reviews 05/07/10

Wow. Two blog posts within a week! We’re spoiling you rotten, eh? You’ll have to pardon the lack of updates – work crap, a house move and subsequent DIY, and the surprise appearance of a summer have meant we’ve fallen by the wayside a tad. But we’ve mustered up some Single Reviews, and to tide you over during those dry spells, why not follow us on Twitter?

Eliza Doolittle kicks things off with Pack Up, a summery, pleasingly-cartoonish, bluesy number. Which, considering her stardom-assured, jazz-handed upbringing (granddaughter of Sylvia “I Haz Skool of Faymus” Young and daughter of sometime Eurovision warbler Frances Ruffelle) actually bears signs of natural, unaffected musicianship and serious potential.

An intense, vigorous helping of scuffed, spiky indie gives Two Door Cinema Club the title of Single of the Week. The toe-tapping verses and knockout chorus of Come Back Home make it every inch the demonstration of a band to keep an eye on – and once the startlingly brilliant Eat That Up, It’s Good For You warrants a mainstream release, prepare for inevitable world domination.

Next up, the pairing of Professor Green and Lily Allen, who clumsily hack away at SOS Band’s Just Be Good To Me for the iffy-at-best Just Be Good To Green (do you see what they did there?! DO YOU SEE??). Much like Fugative, it’s hard to see Professor Green as anything other than a one-man Blazin’ Squad, although at least Green boasts a sense of humour. Well, you’d hope this was a joke, anyway.

And finally, the frankly barking new single from JLS, a song so frickin’ weird even their gymslip squeemakers seem to be questioning the band’s sanity. And yet, it’s hard not to love something about The Club Is Alive – if it’s not the contagious melody or the thundersome beat, it’s the sheer audacity of an R’n’B boyband sampling Julie Andrews and getting away with it. Magnificently, wonderfully shit.

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Wow... how wrong were you about pro Green! ;)

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