Monday, July 12, 2010

Single Reviews 12/07/10

So, the World Cup is over. Just think, television coverage without the constant buzz of vuvuzelas providing a migraine-inducing soundbed. It’s almost alien to consider, isn’t it? So for those of you experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the uncomfortable, monotonous drone of an annoying plastic phallus, there’s always Kay Burley on Sky News. Anyhoo, Single Reviews ahoy...

Easing us gently into proceedings this week are Biffy Clyro, who drift across into the slow lane for God & Satan, a semi-acoustic, downtempo affair which shines a light on their softer side. Its clever build-up into a stronger, busier crescendo makes for quite an effective narrative, which no doubt will have parallels with their rising – and largely deserved – success.

Scouting For Girls’ descent towards Worst Band Since S Club 7 is reaching light-speed with the sexless, awkward, infantile monstrosity of Famous, an insincere ‘commentary’ on the culture of celebrity. They’re past the point of comical, past the point of annoying, and have even crossed ‘unbearable’ – Famous is concrete evidence that Scouting For Girls are full-on EVIL.

Onto a slightly less negative review before we drown in our own venom, and an agreeable number from Diana Vickers. While Once was good enough at selling her kooky talents, The Boy Who Murdered Love does a far greater job, instantaneous and original with a solid pop core. There’s still nothing remarkable enough to convert detractors of The Claw, but let’s face it, that’d be the stuff of miracles.

And finally, Single of the Week is awarded to Darwin Deez, whose neo-Americana, indie-folk brilliance is rolled out once again on Up in the Clouds. In contrast to the skilfully-screwy Radar Detector, it’s a more mellow, almost more solemn affair, but still very much boasting the same summery twang and unprocessed charisma.

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