Friday, September 03, 2010

Single Reviews 06/09/10

Let us take a moment ahead of this week’s Single Reviews to remember GMTV as it finally bows out. Hey, remember that time Andrew Castle was smug and insufferable? Or that one time where Anthea Turner said something that was in her script? Or how about the time that Lorraine Kelly was the only bearable aspect of the whole televised Daily Mail circus? Ah, them were the days. Big shoes for the Brummie update on Toad of Toad Hall and the most overrated woman in TV history to fill, eh?

Alesha Dixon starts us off this week with the boisterous proclamation of Drummer Boy. In fairness, there’s a killer hook hidden beneath all that clattering, and it’s a welcome reminder of the energetic, inimitable Alesha that provided 98% of Misteeq’s overall charm, but it’ll have the median Strictly viewing audience diving for cover behind their chintz sofas.

Single of the Week is bestowed upon Fyfe Dangerfield, for what could have been the third occasion this year had we been bollocksed to do these every week. Barricades’ soft, mesmerising simplicity may not be an immediate single choice, but there’s no detracting from its beauty. (And FYI, popstars of the world – you have four months left in which to usurp Fly Yellow Moon as the best album of 2010.)

Irish R&B upstarts turned Magic FM croon-merchants The Script mark their return with For The First Time. While their debut album juxtaposed the good with the wishy-washy, at least it was launched by a song to get excited about. However, For The First Time, with its slight drippiness, doesn’t sell the band or upcoming release Science & Faith too effectively.

Contender for the worst video of the year – with a song that’s not too far behind – is Alexandra Burke, with the shockingly poor Start Without You. It’s, somewhat ironically given her race, a tawdry slice of white-man, Happy Meal reggae that sounds scarily close to Iko Iko, but without a single shred of authenticity. You’d think Cowell already had enough taxlosses, wouldn’t?

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