Friday, August 27, 2010

Single Reviews 30/08/10

Woo-hoo! It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend! Which means inevitably shit weather, cancelled barbecues (or particularly soggy barbecues), crap telly, heavy traffic and the dark realisation that Christmas is fast approaching. So, if you’re reading this via a smartphone on a gridlocked M25 in a downpour en route to a barbecue that’s not going to happen, at least you’ve got the Single Reviews to cheer you up...

X Factor silver medallist Olly Murs is first up with his debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go, its title probably a pre-emptive beseech Syco-wards if this fails to ignite the charts. It’s everything you’d expect from Olly – a mellow pop strumalong with artificial ska flavourings. And most likely, it’s probably far greater than anything the insipid Joe McElderry will produce.

As repellent as The Cribs are when selling their unwashed, mucus-flecked labour club McRock, at least it rather suits them. However, their attempt at substance on Housewife, while musically quite impressive, suggests profundity lyric-wise perhaps isn’t their bag. Now then, be good little street urchins and kindly untie Johnny Marr...

Another X Factor graduate whose talent shadows that of Mah Liddle Jaw are sibling smilemongers Same Difference (mind you, even Chico’s talent overshadows Joe’s). The wholesome Colgate gladness they previously displayed is still present on Shine On Forever (Photo Frame), albeit sexed up a tad with a toothy nod to the dancefloor. But, oh, the sheer cheese of it.

And while they’ve not had much in the way of competition this week, Single of the Week is, perhaps predictably, awarded to Feeder for approximately the 312th time. In fairness though, Renegades stands up on its own merits, a brawny, marching rock anthem with a heavy, hypnotic immediacy to it, and serves as a reminder that the album of the same name – while not up to usual standards – is actually rather brilliant.

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