Friday, August 13, 2010

Single Reviews 16/08/10

Expect to see a whole lot of reality TV round these parts in the coming weeks, with the demise of Big Brother and the return of The X Factor. So in preparation for the climax of the former and series seven of the latter, we’d like to be the first to get in there to say “At the end of the day” and “You either love me or hate me”, plus “You’re what this show is all about” and “It’s a no.” But for now, we’re all about the music, man – it’s this week’s Single Reviews...

Kicking off with our Single of the Week – and boy, is it a good ‘un – it’s One Night Only, who thankfully take the lead from the exceptional bits of their debut album as opposed to the (frankly dominating) iffy bits. Say You Don’t Want It echoes the immense, chord-loaded brilliance of Just For Tonight, albeit with a slightly harder edge to it.

The unstoppable vortex of personality that is Rihanna continues to fire her tired brand of forgettable R&B slurry all over the charts. Hard is, predictably, a wittingly-slutty serving of musical dishwater designed to pad out the playlists of uninspired radio stations the world over. It’s further proof that any remotely-talented female could’ve had Rihanna’s exact career blow for blow and it wouldn’t be one iota different.

And to close things, a slice of pigeonhole-evading pseudo-house from Caribou, and the splendidly weird Sun. Its infectious cymbal loop and distorted Caribbean leanings soon make way for twisted, unsystematic electronica, all combining to create a distinctive audio artwork and, if we’re honest, a fair bit of indigestion.

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