Friday, August 06, 2010

Single Reviews 09/08/10

It’s been a funny old week in pop, has it not? Rappers running for President (and in a proper way, not in an Adam-Rickitt-running-as-Tory-candidate way); mutant mismatched boybands reaching No. 1; overrated trannies scooping so many MTV Video Music Awards nominations it can’t not be bribery. With that, let’s see whether the Single Reviews hold any more bizarre surprises for next week...

A Texan-sized portion of room-temperature Americana from Lady Antebellum is the starter this week, in the form of I Run To You. Like breakthrough hit Need You Now, it straddles a four-way partition between early Kelly Clarkson, sawdust-strewn hee-haw, wholesome Disney and stadium gospel, but without the big melodic immediacy it’ll need to turn any heads on this side of the pond.

Single of the Week is awarded to the Klaxons on their return to the pop fray, the refrigerated indie grandeur of Echoes. After a three-year absence, they still carry the same arthouse swagger that suggests they take themselves just a little too seriously, but it barely dents the plentiful positives of a mightily impressive single that brilliantly sells their uniqueness, making for an overall very welcome comeback.

And finally, a peculiar demi-ballad from The Saturdays. Throughout its duration, Missing You threatens to swell into a gargantuan rave affair, but never quite materialises, thus making the whole exercise feel rather pointless. Which, following a horribly flat second album and preceding a bizarre stop-gap glorified EP, kind of reflects the band as a whole.

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