Thursday, March 10, 2011

Single Reviews 13/03/11

Right, before we charge headlong into the Single Reviews, let us direct your attention to something fun: this tweet about Matt Baker’s harmless / rebellious / ambiguous question to David Cameron on The One Show made it into this article in The Guardian. Whatcha reckon, should we invoice them? Or maybe request a byline? Or just our own weekly column?

Where Maroon 5 flit between soul-baring balladry and nifty rock’n’b, they’re sort of abandoning both camps for this release. Lyrically, Never Gonna Leave This Bed is a pretty gushy affair, and houses some twee, twinkly verses, but the classic rock milieu of the chorus provides a brawnier, more powerful backing to proceedings. Essentially, it’s bottled repeat FM airplay in a handy three-minute portion.

They’ve managed success from being whored all over commercial radio (seriously Ofcom, look into it already), but The Wanted have finally broken onto Radio 1’s playlist via the official Comic Relief single, Gold Forever. Essentially a diluted, squishy version of All Time Low, it’s certainly no Who Do You Think You Are. Or All About You. Or even Is This The Way To Amarillo. Hell, it’s barely even The Stonk.

All credit to Nicole Scherzinger for breaking through some heavy disdain on these pages to actually come across rather brilliantly on The X Factor, and produce something fairly decent in the form of Poison. Alas, she’s taken a sizeable step back with Don’t Hold Your Breath, essentially I Hate This Part Mk II, albeit with a lack of resentful backing dancers secretly wanting her to be electrocuted by the group’s one live mic.

Ordinarily, the return of the Guillemots would invoke a ticker-tape parade, but the gorgeous simplicity of Fyfe Dangerfield’s solo material puts the group output severely in the shade. But taking Walk The River on its own merits, it’s a gentle yet complex ballad, all rather busy and confused. But give it a chance, and it truly shines. A deserved – if not immediate – Single of the Week.

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