Friday, March 25, 2011

Single Reviews 27/03/11

It’s Friday! Friday! Gettin’ down on Friday! Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend! Partying, partying! Yeah! Partying, partying! Yeah! Fun, fun, fun, fun... actually, we’re going to stop there. The moment has passed. It’s not funny anymore. It’s just sinister. And while it may be Friday, we’ll happily go without ever hearing Rebecca bastard Black ever again. So we shall distract ourselves with the Single Reviews. And then, probably play Friday one last time.

Katy B
kicks us off this week, with what promises to be her new calling-card anthem, with Broken Record a far more accomplished and mature effort than the sixth-form awkwardness of Lights On. The dubstep sensibilities are still present, but a cleaner, more housey feel gives a leg-up to the engaging chorus and some impressive, if unremarkable, vocals.

After the hilarious failure of last album Brave, Jennifer Lopez is back with something much more, shall we say, simple. Yes, that’s a nice way of saying braindead. In fairness, On The Floor does what it needs to do – thumping beats; immediate hook; Lambada sample; Pitbull cameo. And J-Lo herself is significantly more likeable since her appointment to American Idol. But, on the whole, ew.

In stark contrast, a whole lot of effort is required to appreciate Satellite, the lead track from The Kills’ fourth album Blood Pressures. While the artistry is practically dripping out of it, Satellite’s industrial, atonal crunch takes some getting used to, but it pays off, eventually finding its crowning glory in the addictive, spellbinding chant that closes proceedings.

And Single of the Week is awarded to Cee-Lo Green, who’s fast establishing himself as some sort of brilliantly barbed, African-American, one-man Benny ‘n’ Bjorn. Bright Lights Bigger City doesn’t boast the stop-everything event aspect of Crazy or Fuck You, but that’s a good thing – understated, carefree vibes and lush strings make for yet another example of this man’s genius.

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