Friday, April 29, 2011

Single Reviews 01/05/11

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, where we’re going to take this opportunity to wish the very best of luck to two wonderful people on this momentous day. Yes, a very Happy Birthday to Status Quo’s Francis Rossi (yes, he's still alive), and to pramfaced S Club bellower and one-time henchperson of St. Jade , Jo O’Meara. (Them posh ones doing something or other today can bog off. But thanks for the day off.)

Sticking with the theme of waving Union Jacks to celebrate something largely pointless, Blue step up as the UK’s representatives at this year’s Eurovision, via the generic-but-passable I Can. It’s radio-friendly, affirming and quintessentially Blue – namely, if it weren’t Eurovision, no-one would even notice it. And whether it’ll make much of a splash at the competition itself is doubtful, but it’s a significant improvement on that Pete Waterman shitshower from last year.

Lady Gaga is up next, with the extraneous claptrap of Judas. For an artist so apparently ground-breaking, the industrial gay disco squelch is sorely predictable, while the “Juda-Ju-da-ah” hook shows she’s gone full-circle to a Smack The Pony parody of herself. The few glimmers of brilliance that have shone out from beneath her artificial, over-manufactured facade and rancid arrogance are but a distant memory, a deserving chaser to the Born This Way backlash.

Ahead of his debut solo album, Rearrange clearly illustrates that Miles Kane was the brunt of the brilliance behind The Last Shadow Puppets (unsurprising, given the other half was an Arctic bastard Monkey). A bewitching Sixties beat engages from the outset, while the deliciously distorted riff and contagious chorus cement the deal. An easily-selected Single of the Week.

As is the norm with Beyoncé, she’s heralding a new album release with a gargantuan, cacophonous booty-bouncing anthem. But no-one could’ve seen Run The World (Girls) coming: a noisy, empowering beast of a song, boasting exhausting tribal beats, swizzled vocals and a chant-along chorus. And while it won’t win listeners over quite like Single Ladies or Deja Vu did, no-one will be in any doubt that B’s back.

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