Thursday, April 14, 2011

Single Reviews 17/04/11

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, which we’re aware is one of very few updates recently, but hey, real life and all that. In the midst of our distraction, we also missed the chance to cover the release of Feeder’s charity single in aid of the Japan earthquake. So, we’d like to make Side by Side a retroactive Single of the Week, and prompt you to download it from or iTunes – aside from it being an awesome bit of music, all profits go to the Red Cross.

We kick off by sticking with a charitable theme. Sort of. Supporting Record Store Day 2011 – which sadly, is probably an increasingly futile cause – are The View, whose version of The Tweeds’ I Need That Record has been selected as the official anthem. While in principle, such a campaign warrants a thumbs-up, taking the track on its own merits, The View actually do a rather fine job. In fact, it probably trumps a good 95% of their own catalogue. Perhaps a future as a covers band would serve them well...

Nicki Minaj continues to peddle her gritty-but-girly brand of hip-hop. This particular slice comes with a sizeable dollop of British indie, with Girls Fall Like Dominoes sampling The Big Pink’s Dominos, and to great effect. Lil Kim has had plenty to say about Minaj pirating her entire career or some such guff, but on the strength of Girls Fall Like Dominoes, you’d be hard pushed to find a single example where she's done anything even close to this kind of innovation.

And perhaps surprisingly, Single of the Week is awarded to none other than Britney Spears, a woman whose output for the past six years has failed to demonstrate anything other than trivial, robotic irrelevance. While Til The World Ends isn’t exactly a dramatic departure from that particular area, its thundering house beats and hypnotic hook prove difficult to resist, going some way to evoking distant memories of what was once an exciting, engaging popstar. Remember that? Go on, try. Remember?

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