Saturday, November 17, 2012

Single Reviews 18/11/12

On this week’s Single Reviews (this ‘week’, eh regular readers? Hahaha, etc), we’ve got a returning girlband ready to make the most of Mutya Keisha Siobhan’s delay and Stooshe’s implosion; a mild metal band knocking out something different; Northern Ireland proving, post-Ash, they can produce something amazing; and a piano-bothering demi-diva being a tad beige. In fact, that pretty much covers it. No need to read on, really, is there?

Perhaps a little too much has been made of the Girls Aloud comeback – lofty expectations can only result in disappointment, and Something New certainly ticks that box on first listen. But once you get past the generic Calvin Harris-style McHouse parping, and actually determine where the chorus is, it’s all pretty good fun. It’s a shame it’s just to herald a superfluous greatest hits rather than a full album proper, but you’d be a fool to think this is anything other than a swansong.

Bedford’s finest Don Broco ease off on the thrashing ever so slightly to create a smooth, sardonic rock anthem, which may or may not be tongue-in-cheek. Either way, Hold On works – Rob Damiani’s downy vocals are delivered through a knowing smirk, laid nicely atop a vigorous foundation of drums ‘n’ riffs. With the indie genre still on life support, it’s nice to know the rock side of things is still doing its damndest to make things interesting.

That said, there remain a few brave bastions of the indie cause. Single of the Week is awarded to Two Door Cinema Club, who’ve already given our ears quite the treat this year via the mighty Beacon album (and indirectly, the Olympic brilliance of Caliban’s Dream – insert Siobhan Sharpe quote here). Sun’s simple, plod-along qualities prove hugely addictive in practice, and underline the band as a genuinely luminous prospect.

And last up, it’s Alicia Keys, who on one hand, proves she can do the kind of immense chorus Bjorn & Benny would be proud to create. But on the other hand, proves she’s a tad short of ideas – the parallels between Girl On Fire and previous material are just a tad too prevalent. The Inferno remix, which adds a Nicki Minaj rap to proceedings, makes things far more interesting, but on its own, has a distinct air of “oh, it’ll do” about it.

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