Saturday, November 10, 2007

Single Reviews 12/11/07

As winter approaches - as this week’s weather has certainly underlined - may we suggest that you wrap up warm, stick the kettle on and stay indoors? Lookit, we have some Single Reviews to keep you entertained! C’mon, who needs sunshine when you’ve got this kind of derisive criticism?

Opening this week’s proceedings is Alicia Keys, putting her voice under all kinds of duress to match the rock zenith presumably set by new collaborator Linda Perry - who, incidentally, had no part in the sublime No One, in spite of its Perry-esque instantaneous melody, 80s synth majesty and laid-bare sentiment. A track to rescue Alicia Keys from the doldrums of Magic 105.4 and shove her right back in the game.

Having already floored us with a bevy of killer singles this year, The Pigeon Detectives provide a crunching hollerfest of an anthem in the guise of I Found Out. At just over two minutes, it’s more of a shot than a song, but it certainly makes the most of its limited time - and FYI, we’ll allow the re-release aspect to scuttle on by unharmed, as it’s been given a decent enough makeover in its 2007 get-up.

A rotten dose of drippy, cliche-stuffed, snivelling R&B squelchiness comes courtesy of Rihanna & Ne-Yo, with the pathetically gooey Hate That I Love You. Unfortunately far closer to Sexy Love or So Sick than Umbrella or SOS, it’s the kind of thing you’d have expected to hear on the Peter Andre & Katie Price duets album. And if nothing else, Hate That I Love You confirms that Ne-Yo is a man best left behind the scenes… or a man best left behind, full stop.

And finally - it’s been seven years coming, and in all truth we didn’t think it would ever happen. The new Spice Girls single is here. And what a crushing disappointment it… isn’t. Yes, after the initial WTF-factor of Headlines (Friendship Never Ends), it truly redefines the term “grower”, proving itself to be an earnest, glossy, Spice-heavy ballad straight from their golden period. An easy Single of the Week, helped in part by the fact Radio 1 don’t like it - surely the mark of a great track?

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