Friday, September 12, 2008

Single Reviews 15/09/08

Hey you! Stuck in a foreign airport after your airline and/or holiday provider went tits-up? Sat in a car outside Dover amidst a static convoy of backed-up lorries? Pacing the platforms at St Pancras wondering how to get to Paris, or vice versa? Well, we can’t help. But we can provide you with a few minutes entertainment in the form of our Single Reviews

The increasingly desperate McFly unveil the second single from their giveaway stunt, presumably in the hope it’ll claw onto the Top 40 for more than a lone week this time. However, Lies may actually go some way to turning a head outside of their squeeing fanbase. A grand, pop-heavy nod to the 80s, it’s by no means bad, but it’ll take another All About You to induce anything greater than a ‘meh’ from Joe Public.

After a handful of (somewhat unfair) non-starter singles, The Feeling finally come good with the titular gem from their second album. While it may conjure up an initial desire to visit a Toyota dealership, Join With Us is a particularly satisfying reminder of just why the band grabbed our attention in the first place. And while the “ring ring, beep beep” hook is a definite divider, the fact Join With Us is our Single of the Week should clear up which camp we fall into.

We Are Scientists narrowly miss out on the aforementioned accolade with the excellent Impatience, a pleasantly pulsating anthem that shows off all Keith Murray’s bestest bits to great effect. And frankly, if anyone can find a greater example of uproariously indulgent lycanthropy anywhere in contemporary popular culture than in this video, we shall happily munch on the hat of your choice.

And finally, a song which is apparently poised to claim the Number One spot this Sunday. While we’re all for the end of Katy Perry’s repugnant reign, why have there been such a worryingly high number of chart-toppers this year that we just don’t ‘get’…? Sex On Fire by the terminally overrated Kings of Leon is no exception - though highly alluring, you simultaneously expect a teenage Courteney Cox to emerge from the crowd and start uncle-dancing halfway through.

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