Thursday, April 01, 2010

Single Reviews 05/04/09

It's rather worrying to consider we've reached April, and this is the first Single Reviews we've actually gotten around to doing in 2010. Meaning the last time we brought you the Single Reviews was in the run-up to Christmas, and it's now Easter. At this rate, expect the next instalment to be sometime around Halloween.

Paramore are up first with, somewhat surprisingly, a rather decent acoustiballad as opposed to another hefty dose of trite, stage-school rock. The Only Exception is predictably polished and shamelessly overemotive, but its gentle strum and engaging melody make for a welcome display of talent from a band who previously felt more like a fictional Disney garage band than Kerrang-gracing post-rock champions.

A band snapping at the heels of both Ash and Weezer in terms of consistent brilliance, We Are Scientists scoop a piss-easy Single of the Week with the superb Rules Don't Stop. Marked clearly with the stamp of recognisable excellence we've come to love from Keith 'n' Chris whilst simultaneously boasting a fresh, novel edge, things bodes incredibly well for third album Barbara.

It's already blindingly obvious that serial shark-jumpers Xenomania have left the halcyon days of early Girls Aloud long behind them, but their spiral into utter pigswill is almost unfathomable. As if the dire Mini Viva weren't bad enough, dead-eyed nothingfest Alex Gardner continues the trend with the uninspiring gorgonzola beigeness of I'm Not Mad. It's genuinely depressing to think this is the same production outfit responsible for Sound of the Underground.

And closing proceedings - but by no means the headline act, bless her - is Sabrina Washington, presumably hoping to cash in on her appearance on ITV1's Jungle of Irrelevance with debut solo single OMG. There's a fundamental problem in that her impressive vocal contribution to Misteeq was nicely balanced by Alesha Dixon's lunatic MCing, with no such pay-off here. Still, it's all good fun. Enter!

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