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Single Reviews 12/04/10

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, and hey, aren’t we getting better at this regularity lark? Now, you won’t have failed to notice that this week has seen a momentous decision made that will affect us all come May, and provide us with some tough decisions of our own – yes, Simon, Kara, Randy and Ellen opted to use the Judges’ Save on American Idol. Who says politics is boring?

Opening on a positive note, it’s Kate Nash. Arf! Just kidding of course, we still think she royally blows. That said, Do Wah Doo isn’t anywhere near as appalling as some of her more criminal singles, but still boasts enough Mockney whinging and lumbering lyrics to deal a fatal blow to the quality production, which still remains her greatest asset.

Lostprophets present another winner in the form of For He’s A Jolly Good Felon. While the breathtakingly good Darkest Blue might’ve been a wiser single choice (and fingers crossed, still might be), it’s an upbeat, exuberant contrast to Where We Belong. And it also begs the question: at the risk of sounding as sycophantic as a Chris Moyles Breakfast Show hanger-on, is this band actually capable of making a bad record?

In fact, Lostprophets are only trumped this week by the widescreen brilliance of Science of Fear, a substantial portion of musical paradise from The Temper Trap which dulls even Sweet Disposition into near-insignificance. It’s tracks like this which, aside from earning them Single of the Week on these fair pages, pave the way for them to snap at Muse’s heels as stadium-ruling rock pioneers.

And finally, perhaps the most polarising contestant in UK talent show history, Diana Vickers, with her debut release Once. Intentionally-ditzy, mildly-cerebral, girly pop, it’s pleasant enough but nowhere near as unique as the lady herself. And, while Diana’s individuality should no doubt be celebrated, to these ears, it still sounds like a choir of Clangers singing through a pair of tights.

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