Sunday, March 19, 2006

Single Reviews 20/03/06

Look! It’s the Singles Reviews! Read them, they’re very very good.

Pink heads up the pack this week with Stupid Girls, a social commentary on the airheads of the LA scene. Somewhat forgettable sans visuals, and certain to draw tired comparisons with Eminem, but a nice enough way to lead us into Album #4 – watch this space for unreserved judgement.

Advert: are you a mindless bimbo with no ambition whatsoever? Big-busted? Mixed-race? Hefty-arsed? Then roll up and appear in the next MVP video! Just the type of girl Pink is ranting about, actually. Identical to the first single, probably identical to any future singles, complete with identikit videos and a shelf life of about a day.

Embrace return to our stereos with Nature’s Law, a delightful little burst of positivity in a laidback plinky-plonk package which, if the crowd at their Ally Pally gig was anything to go by, is also on the stereos of a thousand Dulwich mummies. Let’s hope This New Day scares them back to their coffee shops.

Single Of The Week is awarded to Arthur Baker featuring Tim Wheeler with Glow, an appetising melody backed by a vigorous thump, and overall a welcome stop-gap in a barren Ash-free ‘tween-album limbo. At the other end of the scale, NeYo confirms his place in R & B’s Hall of Same with So Sick: a painfully unoriginal goo-ballad, aurally the equivalent of overcooked porridge. Awful.

Depeche Mode’s Suffer Well reads like a badly-edited episode of The Osbournes, all bleeps and fuzz in the wrong places. References to the 80’s are all well and good, but don’t try to recreate them entirely. And finally, Nelly combines his bank statement and dental records via the medium of song, in the futile Grillz.

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