Saturday, March 25, 2006

Single Reviews 27/03/06

It’s a barren wilderness on the singles shelves this week. Fear not though – with the imminent release of the new Embrace album, we’ve got about as much interest in the singles as NBC has in commissioning ten seasons of Joey.

Things kick off this week with When You Wasn’t Famous by The Streets, a cheeky lil’ number that sounds like a fat bird sitting on a Casio keyboard. Mike Skinner has come under fire for Heat-ing up his content, but face facts: the guy’s a fucking millionaire, how much longer could he have sung about sniffing Copydex at the dog track?

A couple of industry coffin-dodgers creak their way into the Single Reviews this week. First up, Morrissey with You Have Killed Me. We quite like Morrissey here at The Sloppy Dog, but if it ain’t How Soon Is Now or First Of The Gang To Die (or at the very least, a shameless rip-off of the above) we’re unlikely to be interested. And secondly, slip-sliding in on a greasy oil-slick of overproduced smear 'n' B is Prince with Black Sweat – bleeped, tweaked and Neptunes'ed into an unrecognisable puddle of lard and spunk.

Finally, we’re loving Raoul by The Automatic – a track about SANDWICHES, no less! But last week’s gem from Arthur Baker & Tim Wheeler has been pushed back to this week, making it Single Of The Week once again, and all in all, making this week’s reviews a rather pointless exercise. Sorry.

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