Saturday, April 14, 2007

Single Reviews 16/04/07

Oo-er. A whole week without even one measly update. Can we blame the weather? Or perhaps the Grand National? Yes, that’ll do. The Grand National. We’ve been getting in shape for it all week, we’re desperate to cross that finish line first this year. Hopefully the jockey won’t be too heavy, and our mane will look nice and glossy on the telly. Right, Single Reviews all round?

Opening this week’s proceedings is Sloppy Dog favourite Lady Sovereign. Almost like her own interpretation of Estelle’s 1980 - albeit without the winning hook or the same level of charm - Those Were The Days isn’t one of her finest moments. Still, Sov at her worst towers above other rappers’ bests. And hey, kudos for namechecking Mortal Kombat.

Glory Days is the latest offering from Just Jack, a softly sunny hum-along punctuated with a slightly grating horn parp. It’s an appropriate anthem for the current pseudo-summer, which luckily detracts from the fact it’s actually little more than a shoulder-shrug after the stupendous Writer’s Block and Starz In Their Eyes.

Speaking of glory days, it would seem that Ocean Colour Scene are choosing to leave theirs far behind. I Told You So sounds like Cast at their vainest attempt to recreate, in turn, the glory days of The La’s. The results, unsurprisingly, are not pretty. Let’s just sweep this one under the carpet and pop Moseley Shoals on the stereo, shall we?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and indeed that’s proved true - while she was away, we completely forgot what a whiny, irksome twat Natasha Bedingfield was. A bit harsh, perhaps, but the flimsy, training-bra-tastic, Bridget Jones monstrosity of I Wanna Have Your Babies puts her right back where she started out with the dire Single. Music to menstruate to.

Fireworks, backflips, silly hats, Party Rings and a big ol’ parade next, in honour of the return of Ash. Now a Charlotte-free zone, but far from suffering as a result, the power applied to the mighty 1977 is back in spades, as You Can’t Have It All demonstrates. Single of the Week by a long mile. Think we’re overexcited now? Just wait til the album review…

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