Sunday, February 24, 2008

Single Reviews 25/02/08

As predicted in last week’s Single Reviews, we weren’t entirely happy with the outcome of the Brit Awards. But we’re not angry, oh no. In fact, we’re entirely indifferent to the success of Kate Nash, the Overrated Apes, and of course Mika, who we have no strong opinion on. Calm blue ocean… calm blue ocean… calm blue ocean…

Proceedings begin this week with Tegan & Sara (rather like a Canadian, quirky, Glastonbury-ready Aly & AJ, those who require a brief synopsis. Or just sod off to Wikipedia for yourselves), with the sketchy-yet-interesting The Con. Amply emotive and hugely inventive, it certainly has its appeal, but clearly has no idea where it’s going, resulting in quite the cacophony. Just not too bad a cacophony.

The day-glo, amyl-scented ghost of Alcazar re-materialises in the form of Bodies Without Organs, with the Eurocheese mantra Sunshine In The Rain. Thankfully, it fails to achieve anything near the absurdly homosexual levels set by previous work, but the over-cutesy, barf-inducing lyrics do nothing to improve its chances at taking a one-way shortcut to the dumper.

Alicia Keys foolishly papers over the victorious melodies of comeback monster No-One with the morose, forgettable and downright depressing Like You’ll Never See Me Again. Sure, she’s a gifted musician and all, but quite whose head this is setting out to turn provides a complete mystery – it’s unlikely to do anything other than send eyelids southwards.

Lastly, the Single of the Week prize is awarded to Vampire Weekend, whose talent is mercifully capable of matching the boundless buzz that’s smothered each and every tired Tips for 2008 article. The brisk, ska-flecked majesty of A-punk makes for a distinguished, entertaining tune, if disappointingly short. Ah well, just provides a reason to stick it on repeat.

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