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Single Reviews 11/05/09

Yes, we’re aware updates have been sporadic of late, if sporadic means “entirely absent.” Amongst other things, we’ve been undergoing the... er... immense task of setting up our Twitter page, which given we’re still not fully ‘getting’, is likely to be updated less often than this increasingly-patchy blog. But for now, enjoy our Single Reviews...

Having the unenviable spot of being the first single we’ve reviewed in a month means The Killers might be doused in stored-up bile. Luckily, we’ve rather taken to Day & Age-era Killers, something which The World We Live In cements further. This won’t do them any favours with the backwards fans who want them to revert to the diluted stabs at stadium rock, but the hummable, temperate synthage is more than passable.

Alesha Dixon follows up the still-genius Breathe Slow with the slightly-less genius Let’s Get Excited – a floorfilling pop thunderer which functions brilliantly as an album opener, but with the cheap, tawdry remix that’s unfathomably gone to radio, is unlikely to bring home the bacon as a single. Mind you, Alesha could burp the alphabet, release that a single and we’d still think she was the absolute dog’s bollocks.

Sounding like Coldplay’s entire back catalogue pretty much all at once is quite an achievement, but Gary Go manages it with ease on new single Open Arms – you, the reader, can decide whether that’s a compliment or a cuss-out. From where we’re standing, it might not display a whole lot in the way of originality, but the cascading riffs and rocketing vocals are an indicator of some genuine talent, and thus warrant a Single of the Week accolade.

Lastly, the ginormous cultural question mark that is Ebony Bones, with the similarly-baffling The Musik. Seriously, is this some sort of media-wide prank? Let’s break this down: Yasmin from Family Affairs (YASMIN! Low-rent Yasmin! Not even Dusty!) singing. Shouting, in fact. Over some pre-programmed 1991 school music-room Casio beats. Music and fashion press alike are foaming at the mouth. Fans, similarly, going apeshit. Ladies and gentlemen, the world is being Punk’d.

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