Sunday, May 17, 2009

Single Reviews 18/05/09

So, seriously, Europe, what the jiggins is up with voting Norway? Did we see a completely different performance to the rest of the continent? Or is this like another bloody Ebony Bones thing (‘ello love!) where everyone else in the world ‘gets’ it but us? With that in mind, this week’s Single Reviews will probably be directly contrary to the general public opinions...

Taylor Swift is first under the microscope, with the saccharin Disney ballad of Teardrops On My Guitar. The fact she actually has a guitar bodes fairly well, and there’s certainly the air of talent here, but it’s a tad too eyes-and-teeth for it to truly shine through. So with that in mind, we’ll await her post-rehab, post-pre-marital-baby, post-punk album with glee.

The welcome return of the Manic Street Preachers next, with the anthemic Jackie Collins Existential Question Time. Aside from the mouthwateringly barmy title, which in itself deserves some sort of blue plaque, the song itself is unpredictable, nonchalantly grand, and boasts a distinctive balance of riotous and melodic. Always nice to have you back, gents.

However, it doesn’t quite stretch to Single of the Week, a title which is instead given to Absent Elk. The atmospheric indie majesty illustrated in Sun & Water demonstrates a great deal of promise, which hopefully later material will live up to. Mind you, their acoustic YouTube material is as accomplished as the big orchestral splendour displayed here – can they do any wrong?

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