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Single Reviews 10/08/09

With every media outlet stating their position as either Team Peter or Team Slagflaps, we here at The Sloppy Dog feel it’s important to underline that WE DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT IT, and that such matters are wholly irrelevant in the bigger picture, particularly with far more pressing matters at hand, such as which new music is shit. With that, we bring you this week’s Single Reviews...

The Killers continue to apologise for the iffy-at-best Sam’s Town via the string of staggeringly good singles from Day & Age. Reaffirming the band’s status of awesomeness this week is A Dustland Fairytale, a modestly grand rock ‘n’ roll hymn which seamlessly plasters over our momentary falling-out-of-love (which, admittedly, was aided by poor choices in the facial hair department).

The electro-yawn bandwagon is surely on its final journey, but prior to its inevitable collapse, Preston takes it for an exhilarating spin courtesy of the infectious Dressed To Kill. A sizeable leap on from Ordinary Boys material, yet maintaining that superhuman ear for a mighty melody, it’s an obvious Single of the Week. Now vacate that bandwagon, mate, and let it plunge off the side of the cliff ablaze, with La Roux and fucking GaGa still on board.

As if to prove the point, Sean Kingston – of all people – has hooked up with the tiresome Red One to further dilute the concept of electro. While there’s undoubtedly a simplistic appeal attached to Fire Burning, it doesn’t boast the kind of attention-catching idiosyncrasy as displayed in the still-baffling Beautiful Girls, a track which, in spite of all its shortcomings, he’s unlikely to ever step outside the shadow of.

And bringing the reviews to a close is Paolo Nutini, with the notable Coming Up Easy, which begins life as a gentle, temperate toe-tapper before eventually bursting into a vigorous, brassy summer anthem. Not that we have any need for a summer anthem during this frankly depressing spell, but hopefully the song’s progression will hold some parallels with the weather pattern. Who needs Tomasz Schafernaker when you’ve got us, eh?

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