Friday, August 14, 2009

Single Reviews 17/08/09

Welcome to this week's Single Reviews, though we feel we should pre-warn you, it includes another celebration of Mariah Carey's questionable mental health. Meanwhile, those of you not on the digital age bandwagon Twitter can follow our gobshitery via that lovely Twitter feed over there on the right. Isn't it just awesome?

It’s off to a vigorous start courtesy of Busta Rhymes & Estelle, whose insanely energetic dancefloor masterpiece World Go Round does an exceptional job at marrying two remarkable talents. Busta may have just achieved his greatest collaboration to date, and that includes his Touch It give-away-the-farm remix. Genius video too, and only in part thanks to the usage of pigtail weave earrings – no, really. They exist.

Mariah Carey turns the tables on Eminem in the scathing insanity of Obsessed. Much like the peculiar Touch My Body and It's Like That, it’s a frantic gaggle of hilariously daft lyrics lost in a sea of lukewarm R&B spaghetti, although the big European synths are somewhat pleasurable. And brownie points for the “Napoleon complex / Windex” couplet.

Next up, acclaim sponge and general purveyor-of-nothing Little Boots plays on the worryingly ginormous market for electro-buzz with the straight-down-the-line Clubland 67 fodder of Remedy. While comparisons to the vile Lady GaGa are rife, Remedy’s fat thump of a chorus holds more in common with Cascada. As comparisons go, it’s lose/lose really.

And finally, Daniel Merriweather scoops our Single of the Week. While the gushing love-in of Red undoubtedly ticked a necessary box, it’s good to see him back doing what he does best. Uptempo and infectious, Impossible sees a melody so tight that no amount of vocal gymnastics can hinder it – in this case, they only add to its appeal. (N.B. Mark Ronson, when you lay off the brass, THINGS ARE BETTER. Exhibit A right here.)

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