Saturday, August 29, 2009

Single Reviews 31/08/09

We feel it’s perhaps only fitting to acknowledge the passing of Oasis during this week’s Single Reviews. So farewell to a band who, in spite of their achievements and their legacy, were a good decade past their best, couldn’t function in a media rife with music-snobbery, and will most likely be back together in a fortnight, once the Gallagher kiddies have stopped squabbling over the Duplo blocks.

First up, Julian Perretta, a new singer-songwriter who’s somehow gained the unfortunate title of Perez Hilton protégé. As we’d rather not consider what a young man might have to undertake in order to gain such approval from the sweaty, insecure walrus of cuntery, we’ll focus on debut single Wonder Why. The sub-Feeling muso-pop is passable enough, but does little to turn heads or, more importantly, excuse the stigma that comes from a Perez Hilton endorsement.

The Sugababes make a speedy return after the unfortunate under-carpet-sweeping of Catfights & Spotlights, although it remains to be seen if it was a worthwhile exercise. Where Girls was just plain atrocious, the brassy, raucous, Boom-Boom-Pow-channelling Get Sexy redefines the notion of polarising, and yet, we’re still unsure about it. It may be absolutely fucking awesome, but there’s still every chance it completely stinks. We’ll get back to you.

Another girl group in the firing line this week are three-piece infantile-and-proud gobfest, the Dolly Rockers. Their individuality provides a nice break from the stabs at sultry as displayed by their girlband contemporaries, and while the lager-swilling nursery rhyme Gold Digger is undoubtedly catchy, it’ll be interesting to see whether the public can stomach a triple dose of Mini Lily Allens.

And we close things with our Single of the Week, which is brought to us by Friendly Fires. The triumphant, anthemic Kiss of Life is a marriage of immediate melody and understated electro-twiddlage over a thunderous cacophony of drum enchantment. With any luck, it’s the ticket to their first well-deserved Top 40 appearance, although in the kind of chart where Lady GaGa holds three spots, we wouldn’t put money on it. They’ll just have to settle for being awesome.

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