Saturday, September 05, 2009

Single Reviews 07/09/09

So, another Big Brother over, and to think we’ll only have this feeling once more. Congratulations to Dogface (a much more fun name than plain ol’ Sophie), who was perhaps the most deserving winner from the remaining five. That said, in our heads, the final five were Hira, Marcus, Beinazir, Noirin and Sophia. Much better, no? Anyway, Single Reviews ahoy...

Beverley Knight opens the show this week, albeit with significantly less clout than previous work. There’s not a lot to fault with the poppier sound of Beautiful Night, but it’s by no means one to add to her roll call of bestest bits. Still, it’s nice to see a comeback from one of the few authentically talented British female vocalists around – Bev’s nothing if not resilient.

The musical Godsend that is Muse return with The Uprising – a typically intelligent, innovative, unmistakeably-Muse offering, and yet simultaneously, nothing like they’ve ever done before. We’ll bypass another tired reference to the staggeringly obvious soundalike to bestow The Uprising with the honour of being our Single of the Week.

Kelly Clarkson further cements her future as a disgruntled label puppet with the Ryan-Tedder-by-numbers practical joke Already Gone. As the bellower herself has remarked, it’s a note-for-note rehash of Beyonce’s Halo – seriously, can this man only write the one song? Mind you, it’s a damn sight better than the lame McEvanescence tripe she’d be desperately peddling if she got her own brattish little way.

And if you thought that was a negative review, then hold onto your eyeballs. Oh yes – Mika is back. We’d been hoping he’d permanently slithered back into the Petri dish in which he was created by Peter Tatchell and Beelzebub, but no. Almost thankfully though, We Are Golden is so incomprehensibly shit, so genuinely embarrassing to endure, that even the general public – who he somehow bewitched last time around – cannot stomach it. Please, let this be the beginning of the end. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Come on now, "We are Golden" is not bad at all. And he looks quite fit in the video.


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