Saturday, September 26, 2009

Single Reviews 28/09/09

Well, five days on, and we’re still not 100% on the whole Sugababes thing. As it stands at the moment: we like Amelle, and don’t mind Jade, but she’s clearly not a Sugababe. Meanwhile, it’s taken this long to realise just how dull Heidi is, while in contrast, Mutya was hilarious on Shooting Stars. In summary, we don’t care much about the new ‘Babes, and think Mutya and Keisha should duo things up. P.S. Love to Siobhan. *takes breath* Single Reviews, then?

We open with a sizeable serving of squelchy house courtesy of Deadmau5 featuring Rob Swire, thankfully showing that commercial dance needn’t be limited to the faceless fuckwittery bafflingly popularised by the likes of Basshunter. And while Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff is unlikely to warrant a download on the Sloppy Dog Napster account, the distinctly dark vocals and understated thump make this a more than passable prospect.

Rather than the mid-tempo Swedish balladry one might expect from a matured Backstreet Boys, they’ve instead opted for an overdose of dancefloor candyfloss in the form of Straight Through My Heart. While its merits are few and far between as a standalone track, it’s even more uncomfortable emerging from the sea of nappy-changers with vanishing hairlines.

Rather puzzlingly, The Veronicas opt to follow the urbane, polished attitude of Untouched with the four-year-old Avril Lavigne-a-like 4Ever. A minimal makeover displaying a slight degree of added crunch unfortunately doesn’t mask the teenybopper wailing that calls itself a chorus, suggesting 4Ever would’ve been much better left in 2005.

And we close with our Single of the Week, awarded to Cerys Matthews – a woman seemingly incapable of producing anything less than amazing. Arlington Way is a significant step on from the whimsical folk she’s fashioned since Catatonia’s sorry demise, all big strings and Sixties sensibilities. It’s likely to invite lazy comparisons to Duffy, but the individuality carried by Cerys herself is unmatchable. Awesome, awesome stuff.

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