Saturday, November 14, 2009

Single Reviews 16/11/09

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, although we’re aware you’ve probably turned up expecting the X Factor liveblog, as promised. Well, the decision has been taken not to bother following last week’s shitshower – partially cos we know it’ll have Simon Cowell sobbing into his solid gold handkerchief (if only), but mainly cos we now have a social engagement that’s frankly more appealing than watching popular culture being pissed upon.

We start with our Single of the Week – surprisingly, from an artist who we subconsciously seem to have tried to avoid on account of the contrived buzzfest all up in her bizniz. However, the charm and artistry displayed by Florence & The Machine is difficult to argue with, as demonstrated in You’ve Got The Love, a faithful yet relevant take on the Candi Staton classic.

Next up is Jason Derulo, with the near-guaranteed chart behemoth Whatcha Say. He’s got a touch of the Chris Browns before he started rising to the mental torment of a crazy-ass girlfriend (thus is our take on events), although the prominent Imogen Heap sample provides a uniquely quirky edge – something much needed in a consistently monotonous genre. Expect to be utterly sick of this song by Christmas.

New York singer-songwriter and provider of many a soundbed to clichéd US telly drama, Ingrid Michaelson, gets a chance to shine without having naff dialogue spouted over the top of her. Maybe is a mighty slice of melodic, intelligent pop, nicely finished by a formidable vocal, and is no doubt the sort of thing Natasha Bedingfield would kill to be able to pull off.

And finally, Alesha Dixon may translate as a poor man’s Cheryl Cole in the Saturday night judge stakes, but To Love Again proves that she easily trumps her in the popstar stakes. A big, sweeping ballad, rather like a good old-fashioned Christmas Number One before Cowell clogged things up with his tuppenny cover versions, it’s one of her weaker singles but serves a purpose nicely.

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